About Us


Uttarakhand is the newly formed state which has difficult and different geographical landscape than other states of our country. It requires lots of awareness building initiatives to bring about any positive change in the outlook of the society towards persons with disabilities.

Due to lack of awareness, the visually impaired are not able to utilize the facilities provided by the State and Central government departments. The entire Uttarakhand is primarily divided in two Mandals- Garhrawal and Kumaoun. In Garhrawal Mandal there are about a dozen organizations working for the welfare of visually impaired people but Kumaoun Mandal has not got such facilities. Large area of Uttarakhand is shrouded in mountains, difficult terrain and forests. The sighted students have to walk several kilometers on foot to reach the school from his hometown to get the basic education. In the above critical situation it is very difficult for a visually impaired student to attend the school regularly without having guidance or proper residential facilities.

Keeping in mind the above circumstances we have established a State Branch of National Association for the Blind, India at Haldwani in Nainital District. NAB Uttarakhand is first and only Institution working for the welfare of visually impaired in this region. We firmly believe that the visually impaired student does not need any sympathy because they are capable of doing thing better than a sighted student if they get proper technical, moral support and opportunities.

Our Mission

Reaching out to every Visually Challenged of Uttarakhand and bring them to the mainstream

Providing access to latest assistive technology to facilitate learning and independentliving

Bring all the visually challenged at par with the community at large—by spreading awareness about the enormous opportunities available for them

Working towards building inclusive society where visually challenged is respected, encouraged and experiences economic independence

Notice Board

Our Vision

To provide quality education and livelihood to the visually challenged of Uttarakhand. NAB Uttarakhand believes in 3E approach of Educating, Empowering and excelling.


  • Provide opportunities, resources and assistive technology to facilitate world-class academic learning.
  • Promoting independent and healthy living by providing them and their families with relevant and timely resources so as to make the right career decision.


We enhance every student’s capacity to transform self. The purpose is to assist in:
  • Rebuilding self-confidence
  • Make aware of enormous possibilities and resources-enable and motivate students to extensively utilize these resources
  • Offer freedom and opportunities to explore diverse career options


All our students aspire to make difference to their lives and the community at large-by excelling in their chosen field of study.